Plenary lectures

Prof. Stephen J. O’Brien

The taming of the cat

Prof. Adam S. Wilkins

Examining two developmental hypotheses on the “domestication syndrome” from genomic data

Prof. Ilya A. Zakharov-Gezekhus

Genetic principles of gene pool conservation of domesticated animal species


Prof. Pierre Mormede

Molecular genetics of the adrenocortical axis and breeding for robustness

Prof. Moshe Szyf

DNA methylation mediating the impact of experience on the phenotype

Prof. Grigory Dianov

Cellular response to genetic instability caused by DNA repair deficiency

Prof. Vladislav S. Baranov

Evolution of predictive medicine

Prof. Hans V. Westerhoff

Principles of systems biology and Dmitri Belyaev’s co-selection of traits


Prof. Igor Anatolievich Tikhonovich

Localizing microorganismal communities: plants advice

Dr. Denis M. Larkin

Population structure, history of formation and signatures of selection in genomes of the native cattle breeds from Russia.



Prof. Anatoly O. Ruvinsky

Genes and light: many years later

Prof. Michael V. Ugrumov

Role of the brain in neurohumoral regulation of the development of the whole organism

Prof. M. Ugrumov