Book of Abstracts of the Belyaev Conference  – pdf


Key features of Belyaev Conference:

  • Over 230 delegates;
  • 10 plenary lectures by internationally renowned speakers;
  • 2 evening public lecture;
  • Over 10 symposia and special events;
  • 70 oral presentations;
  • ~150 posters;
  • Exciting program of public engagement events.

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The scientific program will include plenary and symposium reports in the following fields:

  •  Animal genetics. Genetic basis of domestication. Behavioral genetics.
  • Molecular genetics and Cell biology.
  • Bioinformatics.
  • Medical genetics. Human genetics. Biomedicine.
  • Plant genetics. Genetic basis of plant domestication.
  • Biotechnology and agriculture.

Within the program two satellite symposiums will take place:

  1. Symposium “Molecular genetic mechanisms of glaucoma pathogenesis”. About …
  2. Symposium with international participation «Biomedicine in neuroscience: symptom, diagnosis, and treatment». About …


Сonference Сhairman:

Conference Scientific Secretary:

Program Committee:


Special events:

  • Ceremonial meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics devoted to the 100th anniversary of Belyaev’s birth
  • Opening of a sculptural composition
  • Presentation of a new film and a new book about Belyaev