8th Young Scientists School «Systems Biology and Bioinformatics»


From 22 to 25 August 2016, Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia) holds the 8th International Young Scientists School «Systems Biology and Bioinformatics» – SBB-2016.

Bioinformatics is a rapidly developing field of knowledge. Each of the past Young Scientists Schools concerned topics urgent at those times. To preserve this tradition, the SBB-2015 will be dedicated to bioinformatics and systems biology in such areas as:

  • Genomics and evolutionary bioinformatics
  • Structural biology and molecular dynamics
  • Molecular-genetic systems analysis

Practical workshops will include following topics:

  • Metagenomics: high-throughput sequencing data analysis in the study of microbial communities
  • Modeling of apoptosis cd95 signaling pathway
  • Structural biology: drug design
  • Molecular phylogeny and evolution

Young scientists, PhD students and undergraduate students are invited to participate in the School. Particularly, we encourage those of you who are interested in modern theoretical approaches in biology and their application on different biological objects. The School Program include lecture session and practical works on modern approaches of biological data analysis and high-throughput computing. The Young Scientists School includes also poster and oral presentation of young scientists. The best presentations will be awarded by certificates and prizes from the Committee and sponsors. Best reports also will be recommended for full-text publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Important dates:
• Registration to the School on-line – May 20, 2016
• Abstract submission – May 20, 2016
• Notification of acceptance – June 10, 2016
• The School events – 22-25 August, 2016

Registration fee: 3500 rubles. The working language: is English.
Venue: Novosibirsk, Lavrentyeva ave. 10, ICG SB RAS.

History and photos from previous Schools on Systems biology and Bioinformatics are available: First School -2008; Second School- 2010; Third School – 2011; Fourth School -2012; Fifth School – 2013; Sixth School – 2014; Seventh School – 2015

The Young Scientists School will be held in frames of the International Multiconference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\Systems Biology – BGRS\SB-2016: http://conf.bionet.nsc.ru/bgrssb2016
Participation in BGRS2016 includes participation in the School!
To participate in the Young Scientists School, please, register on the website http://conf.bionet.nsc.ru/bgrssb2016

Sincerely yours
Our contacts: sbb2016@icg.sbras.ru
URL: http://conf.bionet.nsc.ru/bgrssb2016/?lang=en
630090, Novosibirsk, Lavrentyeva, 10,
Tel: +7(383) 363-49-80, Fax: +7(383) 333-12-78

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