Systems Computational Biology

Prof. Dr. H.V. (Hans) Westerhoff, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr Matteo Barberis, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

SubSection “Computational Developmental Biology”: Maria Samsonova, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University


Within the section a variety of computer and mathematical methods of biological systems modeling and their conjugates with modern experimental methods for studying biosystems will be addressed. Variety of computer-experimental work on the analysis of primary sequences, proteins, cells, gene networks, organs, organisms and populations will be presented.


The aim of the Computational Developmental Biology section is to foster fruitful and creative
dialogs between experimental developmental biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists and
scientists working in the field of systems biology of development. Special emphasis will be
placed on areas of greatest current interest and importance, such as biomechanics,
morphogenesis and morphodynamics, cell movements, cell-cell communication, cell proliferation and apoptosis, pattern formation, cell fate determination, transcriptional and signaling networks. The session will also be devoted to new experimental technologies and software design.